General Pest Treatment

We provide solutions for all general pests such as cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, and fleas. We are very serious about pest control and make sure we adhere to legislation using the most suitable pesticides to do the job, addressing each home as per a case by case basis. With our general pest treatment, we complete an internal perimeter spray of your premises, use bait gels in your kitchen cupboards and bathrooms and we hand dust in the hard to reach areas. We value the concerns of our clients especially when it comes to health and safety, and we create ways to ensure our treatment will give our customers what they need.


1–3 Bedroom Unit/House Internal OR External Only $120 | 1–3 Bedroom Unit/House Both Internal AND External $170 | 4-6 Bedroom Townhouse/House Internal OR External Only $150 | 4–6 Bedroom Townhouse/House Both Internal AND External $200 | Commercial Site Quoted on Site Infestation Quoted on Site

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Flea treatments 

1 - 3 Bedroom Home/Apartment Internal $99 |  1 - 3 Bedroom Home/Apartment  Internal & External $199 | 4 - 6 Bedroom Home/Apartment Internal $150 | 4 - 6 Bedroom Home/Apartment Internal & External  $250 | Commercial Site Quoted on Site Infestation Quoted on Site will require multiple visits

Note: Follow-up Treatment Required (4 – 6 weeks later) $100 – $200

Flea treatments can be sometimes difficult; the reason is that there is no chemical treatment on the market that penetrates fleas’ eggs. Did you know that adult fleas can lay up to 50 eggs a day, and many them will fall into your carpet and hatch into larvae that can burrow deep into carpet fibres? The thing about fleas’ eggs is that they can remain dormant until vibrations or sound waves cause them to hatch. Because of this, it is imperative that if you have booked a flea treatment that the entire house is vacuumed before our arrival. This will cause vibrations and suck up remaining eggs which may be present in the home. With our flea treatments, it is a requirement that the carpet is freshly vacuumed. We can provide this service, or you, the customer is welcome to do this yourself. Our vacuums are high-grade commercial quality with a power rotating head, so it is recommended to let us vacuum first.

Rodent Baits

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Rats are well known to spread disease, damage property and contaminate food and animal feed. If they can enter your home or business area, they can introduce other unwelcome parasites like fleas, lice and ticks. Acting upon the first sign of a suspected problem can help to drastically reduce the length of time needed to control an infestation effectively. Rats can breed quickly and have the potential to develop into a significant issue if left unmanaged. If you think you have rats, it is important to act quickly to control the level of infestation and reduce the health risks posed by this rodent.

Ant Treatment

$50 - $150 - Quote on Site

While there is a broad range of do-it-yourself ant products available to get rid of ants, an effective control requires a professional pest control service to manage the infestation and minimise recurrence. Our service technicians understand the habits of several types of ants and can offer safe and targeted ant control.

Our ant control treatment and solutions are designed for both domestic and commercial customers, regardless of the size of the infestation. It is important to note that due to the sheer numbers of ants we can significantly reduce the numbers of ants in your home; we cannot guarantee the complete removal of ants.


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If you have an infestation of pests inside your home or office, sometimes we will need to go to extensive measures to rid your problem. All pest infestations are treated on a case by case basis.

Under House Spray

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An under-house spray treatment is not standard with our standard pest control treatments. If this is something you require our technicians will come to your address and be able to quote this onsite.

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